Winners of Season 3

Matt Auclair & Jennifer Norris

Nelson Clarke & Susan Brown 
2nd Place


Brian Bennett & Brooklyn Lanham
3rd Place

Jason Maker & Alyssa Reese 
4th Place



Swing 16

Season 3

Finals Payout

First Place: Split $2,000

Second Place: Split $1,000 and each get first choice of event pass

Third Place: Split $500 and each get second choice of event pass

Fourth Place: Split $200 and each get third choice of event pass

All those eliminated in the first and second round will get a random draw of the remaining event passes.


Season 2 Winners

Jerome & Bonnie Subey
1st Place

Alan Annicella & Sabrina Paxman Stewart
2nd Place

 Alex Brand & Kristen Shaw
3rd Place

Brennar Goree & Amber Klispie
4th Place

Season 1 Winners

Jesse Lopez & Hailee Vaughn
1st Palce

Matt Auclair & Sheli Schroeder
2nd Place

Keith Penu & Annmarie Marker
3rd Place

Nelson Clarke & Bryn Anderson
4th Place